SAP Business Objects empowers people with business intelligence (BI) and data analytics tools to make faster, more informed decisions. SAP's solution enables customers to uncover hidden trends, create beautiful visualizations and enhance data storytelling. Supporting a handful of users to tens of thousands, from a single tool to multiple tools and interfaces.

SERVICES PROVIDED demand generation programs, offer strategies, messaging, content development and copy.

For example, we got top tier decision makers in billion dollar companies to register and attend an event in San Francisco, and commit. Joe Montana was the draw, which helped. We highlighted Joe's "Winning Spirit" methodology:

  1. Garner inner resources
  2. Harness the power of practice
  3. Make on-the-spot decisions based on knowledge and experience
  4. Use trust, consideration and personal example to motivate the team
  5. Keep a winning spirit alive with a positive, energetic mindset

Joe's message dovetailed nicely with the product's focus on performance: turning data clarity into actionable intelligence to help leaders make meaningful, timely decisions, launch new initiatives and correct systemic problems across the enterprise.

OUTCOME 52 companies registered, Millions in revenue.