Levi's needed to make massive changes after legions of loyal customers jumped ship for niche super premium denim brands and fast fashion labels.

We helped clarify shifts in the apparel business to chart a new course. Last year, the company generated record sales of nearly $7 billion and profits of more than $700 million. Its market value is an estimated $10 billion — four times its value when it went private in 1985.

SERVICES PROVIDED We created a quantitative research briefing book that showed which customers were secure, vulnerable and convertible, which age brackets had the strongest ad recognition, and which found the brand "boring" or exhibited low commitment. These key findings, in addition to product, fit and demand trends by age, gender and season, and image, price and brand drivers, provided decision makers with valuable data to help reinvigorate the brand without compromising it.

Levi's is a socially responsible company. Last month, they took employees from across the globe to Sri Lanka, walking them beyond the factory walls to showcase the Profits Through Principles approach to business that fuels their commitment to improving the lives of the people who craft their products.