The Atkins Center for Weight and Health at UC Berkeley is an academic nutrition research organization that translates research findings into recommendations for public health practice. The Atkins Center brings together public health professionals, policy makers, advocates and researchers to develop evidence-based strategies, policies and programs that promote healthy eating and active living.

SERVICES PROVIDED advising on social media pilot program in an academic setting.

Social Media Pilot Program Goals: commit to social media presence, visibility and collaboration; deliver timely, relevant content to promote community and child health by illuminating and addressing factors that influence U.S. trends in hunger and obesity, and impact chronic health conditions.

Social Media Pilot Program Topics: competitive analysis, audience identification (policymakers, journalists, public health departments, schools and school districts, advocacy groups, and funders), content calendar, verbal brand, implementation strategy, scheduling and staff training.

Atkins Center researchers are doing important work, ripe for social media syndication. One study, for example, concluded that students across 10 California school districts prefer healthier school meals, reinforcing the comprehensive nutrition reforms instituted by the U.S. School Meal Program, which was required by the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act.