Right Now: Honoring hard work paying off

Honoring Jay Watson, Indigeny Reserve co-founder, longtime mega-entrepreneur and our client. Wending his way, with grace, tenacity and humor, through the endless hoops. From telecommunications businessman to alcoholic beverage company owner, apple farmer and cidermaster, local ordinances, water rights, TTB, FDA and CCOF regulations (ah, and so many more), passing the million bottle mark and one of the top Mother Lode destinations on Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Right Now: Mentoring mega-entrepreneurs

Here's the story of one:

High schooler Sean M. is 17, and wise and motivated beyond his years. He's already balancing several money-making ventures (self-designated high school hat salesman (buy low, sell higher), dog walker, tutor, DoorDash delivery person and city energy efficiency team member who is also simultaneously building a viable online business).

Sean sees the value in diversification, finding needs and filling them, doing what he loves, staying focused and self-motivated, planning for financial independence and having a mentor.

We are fine-tuning his path and his future as it unfolds – brilliantly.

Right Now: Oakland urban cafe client – launched & popping

We dropped in for lunch at our clients' first restaurant venture, Drip Line Oakland. Opened less than 30 days ago, this brand new cafe and small batch coffee shop is filling tables.

According to co-owners Carrie Shores and Josh Larson, our press releases, messaging and web content have been instrumental in generating buzz, tweets, Instagram photos, Facebook posts and articles (SFGate, Bay Area Bites, Hoodline Oakland, East Bay Dish, East Bay Express, Inside Scoop SF, Nosh, etc.,) and drawing customers. In spite of and because of the fact that Drip Line is located on a quiet, out-of-the-way side street in industrial West Oakland.

Executive Chef Nora Dunning stated, "We already have repeat customers who've tried every dish on the menu!" Exceptionally good news in the restaurant world. Of course, Drip Line delivers as promised. The food is unique, locally sourced, Singapore-influenced and delicious. The space is cozy, modernist and chic.

In addition to sipping stunning matcha tea lattes, we munched on coconut grits with sambai shrimp and pimped out gado-gado, sharing one just-out-of-the-oven chocolate-filled croissant between us. Honestly, we wanted more! Next time. You must stop in.

Right Now: Refining positioning & marketing outreach...

...for Moving Soul Wellness, located in Chicago. Owner Jamila Kekulah Kinney is a certified Zen Shiatsu Therapist, Gyrotonic® and Pilates expert and personal trainer. Her company needed fresh, succinct positioning and an easy-to-implement marketing plan. First up: build a personal alternative medicine and holistic practitioner referral network. Everyone rises.

Moving Soul Wellness is dedicated to a gentle, consistent whole body movement system to help their clients, old or young, fit or struggling, enhance range of motion, increase flexibility and vitality, and achieve a profound level of kinesthetic and energetic balance. Results are gratifying: people feel stronger, healthier and freer in both body and spirit.


Everyone knows what brainstorming is. But, "heartstorming" is a different animal altogether. It's about placing your vision, plan, ideas and next steps within your heart. And looking for resonance. Your heart knows what is best. Your heart is your ally and will speak to you if you slow down, breath lightly and listen. And, from there, the forefront of awareness, you act. Rather than from concepts or ideas. Your brain is still at play, with its acumen for analysis and strategic thinking, but second fiddle to a deeper knowing.

Right Now: Creating positioning & PR before business exists.

Dripline Oakland,  a soon-to-open craft coffee shop, café, and gathering place in the heart of industrial West Oakland, represents the combined vision and effort of Bay Area architects/co-founders Carrie Shores and Josh Larson, and executive chef Nora Dunning. Entrepreneurs, all, ready to take the plunge, armed with talent, taste, fortitude and Instagram. First we interviewed them. Then we developed positioning and press releases before the stove was lowered in by crane or taste testing a single farro lemak bowl. Our clients said we nailed it. We listen and write majestically.